TT Immediate Care Bags

In 2023 The Rob Vine Fund supplied nearly 150 new Immediate Care Bags to the marshalling sites around the TT and Billown Courses, in the Rescue Helicopters, response cars, ambulances and Grandstand areas. These replaced the old orange cases, many of which were over 20yrs old, heavy and difficult to carry and open, had sharp edges and allowed water inside.

The bags provide Incident Management Course [IMC] trained marshals with basic first aid items in four ORANGE pouches & also advanced life support [ALS] equipment in three GREEN pouches for use by Paramedics, Doctors and Motorsport Medical Technicians who are also stationed around the course.

As of 2024, each new bag will contain the following equipment:

3 Green Pouches

Airway Management

  • OP Airways
  • Bag Valve Mask
  • Stethoscope

Cannulation Kit

  • 14G,16G,18G,20G,22G, cannulae
  • 2 x Flushes, fixation
  • Small bore extension
  • Pre Injection Swabs
  • Sharps box
  • Tourniquet


  • IV Giving Set
  • Vitalograph Aspirator
  • 500mls saline

4 Orange Pouches

Ice Pack

  • Blizzard Blanket
  • Burns Dressing
  • Yellow Waste Bags
  • Hand Gel


  • Gloves 4x M, 4 x L, 4 x XL
  • Eye Wash, Eye Bath, Eye Dressing
  • Tape, Wipes, Safety Pins,
  • Box of assorted Plasters
  • Paracetamol, Anti Histamine.

Tuff Cuts

  • Swabs
  • 10x10cm Dressing Pads


  • 4 x No 3 Ambulance Dressings
  • 2 x Crepe Bandages
  • 2 x Conforming bandages
  • 2 x Triangular Bandages


  • 4 X Yellow immediare care report cards and a pen
  • 3 x Quick release patient restraint strap for scoop stretcher
  • 20 x Yellow plastic rucksack seals


  • 1 x 36 inch SAM splint

Please note a Stifnek collar is no longer carried.

There are NO other DRUGS in the new bags in order to comply with MSUK blue book, Regulations, Section F:

6.5.2:- “A comprehensive list of drugs is not listed, however the individual Doctor is expected to carry those drugs that they feel are necessary and a supply of analgesic drugs for parenteral and oral administration.”
6.5.3:- “Any further drugs and equipment that may be deemed to be appropriate by way of specialist expertise are the responsibility of the individual doctor.

For doctors and paramedics travelling over to the island for the races, please discuss the supply and carriage of drugs with Manx Roadracing Medical Services who can advise on the legal and practicality issues involved.

The new bags have been individually checked and sealed with a yellow plastic security tag. If the seal is broken, the contents need to be checked. They can be opened by marshals or medics wishing to familiarise themselves with the contents but should never be left unsealed. There are replacement yellow seals in the outside pocket of each bag.

Please remember the contents of the new bag were packed to make maximum use of the small space available. Please ONLY use the pouches relevant to your level of training.

If you use part of the new bag in treating a casualty then exchange it for a full sealed unit from the helicopter ambulance when it arrives to evacuate the casualty, or request the specific item used from the helicopter medics. Inside each new bag is a QR code that takes you to an online reporting form to notify us of any issues with the new bag.