The Racing Line

The Racing Line is an information booklet written by Dr Adam Standring of Nobles Hospital in the Isle of Man, containing essential advice for all competitors on the Isle of Man TT Course. This is an updated version of Adam’s previous booklet “On the Apex”.

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Whether you’ve been racing bikes for years or if you’re relatively new to the sport, you have one thing in common: no matter what level you are competing at, your main motivation is likely to be enjoyment. Turning this enjoyment into success in competition depends upon using the thrill and adrenalin of riding fast bikes to power your natural instincts and abilities to their limits.

It goes without saying that no matter how well turned out and set up a bike is, its ultimate performance depends upon the physical, mental and emotional condition of the rider. The flip side of this is that even the best most highly motivated rider can be let down by the mental, physical and emotional condition of members of their support team. The fact is, some of these very human problems remain the commonest root cause of under-performance and disaster in racing, and this booklet aims to introduce you to the principles and techniques you can use to help understand and prevent such issues. The advice can also be applied to improving anything else you do in life.

The electrolyte drinks referred to in the booklet are provided free of charge to all TT competitors and can be collected from the TTRA portacabin, the 38th Milestone at the back of the TT Grandstand.

The cost of providing this free service is shared between the following:

  • The TT Riders Association
  • The TT Supporters Club
  • The Rob Vine Fund, Registered Charity No 954 (Isle of Man)