Hogg Ambulances

The first Hogg Rescue Motorsport Unit

The second Hogg Rescue Motorsport Unit

The First Hogg Ambulance

In 1999, Hogg Motorsport were being asked to cover many events that need just an Ambulance. This was mainly bike events. Some events required the use of the Rescue Unit but also an Ambulance. This Ambulance was a purpose built 1993 Ford Transit front line Ambulance.

Hogg Rescue was by now doing a lot of duties. It was decided to purchase a new one and with the generous help of the Microgaming Trust along with many other contributors, the new vehicle came into service on Saturday 26 February 2005.

2006 and Hogg Ambulance was getting tired. It was being used to unload the TT and Manx Grand Prix AirMed Helicopters and the lack of a ramp on the back meant a lot of heavy lifting of stretchers by the crew. With the new Rescue Unit still in everyone’s mind, it was decided to get a second, near identical, vehicle to replace the Ambulance. Based on the same design of the Rescue Unit, this vehicle has two stretchers in whereas the Rescue Unit only has one (the rest of the space being used to store the Rescue Equipment). The new vehicle came into action on Thursday 20 April 2006.

2 years ago we were given a Merceded Sprinter Ambulance by the IOM Government Ambulance Service thus increasing our compliment of vehicles to three. This was eventually given FOC to the Jurby Transport Museum as it was the only form of transport they did not have as an example.

As our three vehicles were now over 12 years old we decided to start with a rolling replacement programme over the next 2 to 3 years. In July 2017 we took delivery of a brand new purpose designed and built ambulance from VCS which is a long wheel base Peugeot. Another identical ambulance was delivered to us in 2018.

They are mainly used at motorcycle events that don’t require an MSUK licenced Rescue Unit.

The above Rescue Ambulance was purpose built for us in 2019.