The Rob Vine Fund

Serving & Supporting Motorsports on the Isle of Man.

We are a voluntary charity dedicated to providing the best possible pre-hospital medical and rescue care. We also supply equipment and medic training for a large number of motorsport events that take place right here on the Isle of Man, also known as The Road Racing Capital of the World!

What we do

We support the Isle of Man with our three frontline Phil Hogg Rescue Ambulances. Every year, during TT course events, we supply over 130 Immediate care cases, 130 scoop stretchers and are aided by two rescue helicopter ambulances and 3 Fast Response Cars .

130 Immediate Care Bags
130 Scoop Stretchers and Red Head Rests
3 Frontline Phil Hogg Rescue Ambulances
2 Rescue Helicopter Ambulances
3 Response Cars